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Ocnele Mari    Socio-Professional Integration Day Center
"Dwarf Cottage"


The day center offers parents advice and support on request or whenever the staff considers it beneficial for the child and his family.


The emotional support and psychological counseling service is provided by the day center psychologist. Psychological counseling involves identifying risk situations, difficult moments in the life of the child or his family and intervention based on a personalized program and a psychological file.


Day center  Ocnele Mari offers services to the child, after school. The day center organizes drawing and painting workshops, dancing, computer and internet use, communication in Italian and English.


There are activities of care, education, recreation-socialization, training and development of independent living skills, counseling for parents, discussions and providing informative material to parents.


The activities and subjects carried out are not only interesting from an educational and formative point of view, but also creative and based on a participatory approach.

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