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"Real chances for young NEETs"   Project


.The project "REAL OPPORTUNITIES FOR YOUNG NEETs"- it was thought as a means of offering the members of the target group those information, skills, techniques and tools that would allow them to access a job more easily.

The general objective of the project consists in the provision of integrated, personalized information measures, work mediation, professional training, entrepreneurial counseling and the granting of subsidies for the establishment of new businesses for 371 young unemployed NEETs aged between 16 - 29 years, registered at Public Employment Service, including people from rural areas and Roma citizens from Valcea, Gorj and Olt counties in order to facilitate their insertion on the labor market and sustainable employment.

The specific objectives of the project have in mind the selection of 371 young NEETs aged between 16-29 from Valcea, Gorj and Olt counties, of which at least 38 people belong to the Roma minority and 75 people from rural areas, in order to improve their level of skills and increasing access to jobs and employment (OS1), the participation of 298 young NEETs in professional training programs (OS2), stimulating employment for 371 young NEETS by providing specialized employment mediation services, among which at least 160 people receive a job offer/find a job (OS3), facilitating entrepreneurship and increasing employment through personalized counseling services, entrepreneurial training and support for the establishment and start-up of 10 businesses and the creation of 10 jobs work in the South-West Oltenia region (OS4).

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