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We have the right to hope!

On the occasion of Easter, supporters of the "Inima pentru Inima" Foundation brought light to our houses, where children and teenagers live, to whom we offer permanent support and assistance.

”Is the Bunny coming? , asks Simo...

- Yes...

- And for me and my brothers?

- But what if we are "closed"?

- The bunny is coming! He's so clever, he's sure to come!

- And he brings me clothes and sweets and food for everyone?

- Yes, my love!

- Ha, ha, ha, how clever and good the Bunny is!”

We have the right to hope!

We were born in a society where children's rights were discussed but no one mentioned the right to hope!

Our hope to have a destiny, like the other children: family, love, safety and...the hope to say "mother, father, brother..." Today, we live in a society without rights, instead we demand the right to hope!

Hope to be free, healthy and respect our traditions:

With the support of our sponsors, Simo's hope has come true! Clothes, shoes and everything that means an enriched Easter, were given to the children from the family-type homes of the Foundation ”Inima pentru Inima" from Râmnicu Vâlcea and Ocnele Mari.

We thank our supporters from the Râmnicu Vâlcea Rotary Club, Denta Clinic ( , Traistari Parish - Ocnele Mari.

Thank you to our sponsors!

Happy Easter!


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