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Adeline’s Memories #3

This month we made craft activities with the children in the school. They were so happy to make something by themselves. They are so creative and even if there is an example on the board, they always try to do it in their personal way.

Sofia !! Amazing trip to Sofia in Bulgaria ! I have never seen the Danube before but my GPS wanted to see it. So we arrived at Oryahovo, we thought that it was a bridge but it turned out to be a ferry boat. I have never been very close to this river. After this we finally arrived in Sofia.


The first day we visited the big Orthodox Cathedral and the Mosque. Inside those churches it was so beautiful and colorful. We took the subway and at every metro station there were historical Roman ruins everywhere.

The Saturday evening we went to the traditional ceremony of Eastern in the Ordothox Church. For almost 30 minutes there was a service outside and after the people lit a candle and walked around the Cathedral. It was very interesting to see how Bulgarian people celebrate Eastern.


We went to the Culture Park to walk. I think I fell in love with this place. The fountains made me peaceful in a city that it’s not mine.

We were invited with the president of our foundation, Lidia Dobre, for an interview by VTV, a local channel in Râmnicu Vâlcea. We were all nervous because for all of us it was the first time to be interviewed. We spoke about the project, our feelings in Romania and the differences between our countries.


We traveled with the president of our foundation and her brother for 6 days to Dobrogea. The first day we arrived in Bucarest just in time for the lights festival. All these days we met students who were in the foundation before. I really appreciated that moment with them. I was so greatful to have that oppotunity to speak with them.

Lidia and her brother showed us many places and cities in that region : Tulcea, Macin … One of the nights we went to a place to sleep just in front of the Danube delta. That place is just beautiful ! In the morning we woke up earlier to see the sunrise, the view was so amazing and wonderful !


Good feelings and beautiful meetings in April…