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IVÁN – First Month

This month was better than I expected. Also, Romania is better than I expected. We were in a Romanian baptism party (it’s really different from Spain, they make a “theatre” of the sleeping beauty). We visited Vâlcea (village museum, art museum…).

We visited beautiful places: Transalpina Sky station, Calimanesti (thermal water pool), Bucarest & Sibiu.

We work with orphan children who live in two different houses and two social apartments. We help them with the homework (mathematics) and prepare sports games, crafts…etc. Of course, not everything is great, there were easy days and difficult days but in general, the balance is positive. I think that we can learn a lot from those children and I hope to teach them all that I can do in the future. Also, we are going to school and we make different kind of  workshops (Juggling, mime games…) For me, this is a great opportunity for improving and developing my teaching skills.

I was with Davide in a local Handball match and it was nice because it was almost full (in Spain it’s the opposite – not many people watch it). On the other hand, I had some problems trying to do jogging in the city because there are a lot of wild dogs on the streets, but I’m checking the city and maybe I’ll find a place to practice it. I’ll post it next time 🙂


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