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Iván – Second Month

This month began with On Arrival Training. It was a great experience here. We clarified some doubts that we´ve had about EVS. We mixed theory with dynamic games and met other EVS volunteers that became Friends.

About jogging on the streets, I found Parcul Zăvoi. It is a big park in the city and there are not wild dogs. Also, we practiced Slackline in this park in our free time. But the important thing it’s that I received my ukulele which my family sent me from Spain.

We did new things with the children. We discovered the Palatul Copiilor where the children of Copacelu were making wooden boats and some crafts. Moreover, I discovered that the children of Ocnele had football classes thanks to the collaboration with Inter Campus.

Furthermore, we prepared juggling classes for the teenagers and different kind of workshops for children in the school.

I didn’t stay a lot in the social apartments this month but we did some activities like painting with hands, work out outside in the park and we made pizza in an Italian style.

Also, this month we met new EVS volunteers in the city, some young local Romanian people and we discovered a little bit more Romania. We visited Arad, Timisoara, and Bucarest.

But the most important thing that happened in this month is the chance to be an assistant teacher of sport in the school. I’m really grateful because it is an opportunity to develop my professional skills and increase my experience as a teacher.

Observing the culture behavior of children during the games and activities helps me to learn more about the Romanian culture and to understand more about the interpersonal and extrapersonal relationships, cooperations, attitudes, etc.

For this reason, I really appreciate and I want to say thank to Inima Pentru Inima and the School for this great opportunity.


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