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Sibiu & Timișoara


We spent one delightful day in the colorful Sibiu. Its beauty really amazed us. A very interesting thing that we observed was connected to the architecture of the most houses in this town. There were small windows on the roofs wich looked like eyes and they created the feeling in us of always being watched.

We visited 3 very beautiful churches and we enjoyed the adventure of climbing more than 200 stairs in a tower with a breath-taking view.


Later we found typical Romanian restaurant where we dived in many super delicious traditional meals. Also we had the chance to try the local white wine of the restaurant.

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One week later we spent seven hours in the car to get to our very good friend’s birthday in Arad. The weather didn’t allow us to see much of the town because it was raining all the time. The only monument that we managed to visit was one big cathedral.

The next day we devoted to Timișoara. We were surprised that only few hours were enough to see the main interesting places like the Orthodox Cathedral, Piața unirii, Piața victorii, Union, Freedom and Liberty square and Iulius Mall.

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The experience in the Cathedral was very interesting because we visted the musuem there. We were lucky to meet a nun from the cathedral who told us many stories about the art works and the history of the place. It was very educational and useful.

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