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Social apartments
Professional Integration Service

The Ramnicu Valcea Socio-Professional Integration Service project aims to ensure the necessary conditions for an independent life of young people. Given that all young people have been in social centers for a long time, the support given to them refers mainly to work and self-administration, premises of an autonomous life. young people  they also receive financial support from the financiers for a limited period, after which they will manage themselves.


Types of services offered:


Social assistance (social worker intervention, case assessment, social diagnosis and intervention plan or range of services required, in agreement with the beneficiary, conclusion of the contract for the provision of services and mutual responsibility, mediation with local actors and structures,


Psychological and psycho-pedagogical assistance (initial and periodic psychological evaluation, elaboration of an intervention plan according to the identified psychological problems, learning of problem-solving strategies, acquisition of self-control skills, resolution of emotional conflicts, psychosocial and professional counseling - individual and group).

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