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Support us through the exchange of good


Good Exchange, the only exchange where good deeds are traded

The Good Exchange is a platform that brings together organizations that need support to carry out their projects and people who want to invest in the good deeds in their community.

Bursa Binelui is a project created and supported by Banca Comerciala Romana (BCR), in partnership with Euplatesc, which have developed and support the online platform and cover all costs related to transactions, maintenance and communication.  

Specifically, the "Heart for the Heart" Foundation has created a page on the Stock Exchange, and individuals can choose to volunteer for the organization or donate money to support various projects.

Bursa Binelui is the only online platform that allows donations without commissions, thus encouraging donors who want to participate with small amounts (5, 10 lei) in a cause.  

All payments made through the platform are secured and are subject to bank transfer laws.   

We invite you to join us here


The mission of

Every day at we work hard to help you build and refurbish your homes and offices. But, the living space of each of us is much more comprehensive than our home and office.

Our living space is made up of nature and the city we live in, as well as the people we meet every day, but also those we often don't see - vulnerable people, in situations of danger, who don't they can fight alone for a dignified life. Improving the quality of the environment and the lives of all who live in it is the responsibility of each of us.

That's why we invite you to join forces to support charities that care for those in need!

In return, these non-profit organizations will continue to improve our common space and the quality of life for our fellow citizens.

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