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Ongoing social Programs

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The Socio-Professional Integration Center Ocnele Mari

"Dwarf Cottage"

The Day care Center ensures the right of every child to keep their family relationships, offering adequate services to the family in a risk situation.

The aim is also to prevent vagrancy and juvenile delinquency, reduce school dropout and create parental responsibility for educating their own children.

Target group: 10 children between the ages of 6-14, from families in difficulty, from Ocnele Mari town.

Address: Ocnele Mari, Strandului street no. 1, Valcea County, Romania

The socialization and socio-professional integration Center Copacelu

"Greenhouse Cottage"

Copacelu Socialization Center has as its general mission to give access to accommodation, care, education and training to children in social risk situations, for a certain period, in order to integrate/reintegrate into the original and/or extended family.

The center has an important role in finding prospective solutions for the social and scholastic children's future.

Target group: 10 children aged between 5 and 12 years, separated, or at risk of separation, from their parents , coming from the institutionalization system.

Address: via M.Stancu n. 3A, Rm. Valcea, Valcea County, Romania

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Goranu Socialization and Socio-professional Reintegration Centre

"Raffaella Cottage"

Goranu Socialization Center has as its general mission the access of children in situations of social risk, for a specific period, to accommodation, care, education and training, with the aim of integrating/reintegrating into the natural and/or extended family. The Center's program for socialization and socio-professional reintegration aims to guarantee the necessary conditions for the development and strengthening of the skills necessary for an independent life.

Target group: children aged between 12 and 18, separated from their parents or at risk of separation, coming from the institutionalization system.

Address: via Kalamata, n. 21, Rm. Valcea, Valcea County, Romania

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Socio-professional integration service for teenagers and young

Social apartments

The main objective of the socio-professional integration service for adolescents and young people is to guarantee optimal conditions for the creation and development of skills and habits for an independent life and for the professional inclusion of young people separated or at risk of separation from their parents , until completing school studies and achieving professional integration.

Target group: 10 young people aged between 15 and 22

Address: Ostroveni District, Rm. Valcea, Valcea County, Romania

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Macin day center for pre-school and school age children

"Elena Cottage"

Located in the city of Măcin, Tulcea County, it hosts children aged between 3 and 12 years, (mainly groups of siblings) from families in social risk situation with the residence within the radius of the Macin city (single-parent families, families with social and economic problems, families with many children, poor Roma families, children with parents abroad) who in this way can benefit from the comfort of a family home, education and nutrition appropriate to their age.

Together with them, students from local schools and volunteers spend their free time in an instructive and pleasant way, during volunteer programs promoted both in collaboration with the local school authority as well as with other national and international organizations.

Target group: 20 children aged 3-7 years

Address: Macin city, Tulcea County, Romania

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Inter Campus

"Socialization through sport of institutionalized children"

Soccer has become a tool for intellectual and moral education, character formation.

It educates the spirit of observation and the ability to make quick decisions, intelligence, independence, combativeness, the spirit of justice, team spirit. It contributes to the formation of the main personality traits, behavior and social integration.​

The project is aimed mainly at children and young people aged 6 to 14, who come from reception centers but also from the community and whose common concern is football.​

The program is based on the agreement between the "Inima pentru Inima" Foundation and Inter Futura SRL, a company controlled by F.C. Internazionale Milano – Italy and is implemented by the "Inima pentru Inima" Foundation in Valcea County, Romania.

Social volunteering for young people

The program aims first and foremost to socialize children with protective measures through various activities to occupy free time during school holidays, but also to exchange experiences in the field of protection of children in difficulty. The activities are initiated by members of the Romanian and Italian volunteer groups (coming through the “Children in Romania from Italy” Association), around 200 each year.

The program helps both the integration of the protected child within the community, but also the formation of a harmonious personality and the discovery of human value.
The implementation of the project involves collaboration with public services specialized in child protection in the Districts of Brasov, Tulcea, Valcea, Constanța, Sibiu for the organization of activities that mainly aim to socialize the institutionalized child through various activities to occupy the free time (sports, recreational and motor activities, simple games, birthday celebrations).

Serviciul European de Voluntariat

We promote volunteering among young people, with the aim of developing projects for young Romanians and foreigners aged between 16 and 30, willing to experiment with volunteering abroad in social, cultural or environmental protection activities.


The duration of a volunteer internship can vary from two to twelve months.

Volunteers must not have previous professional experience. All you need is a willingness to approach new things, a spirit of adaptation to living conditions different from those encountered so far, a willingness to engage in intercultural "comparison" and a minimum knowledge of an international language.

The Inima pentyu Inima Foundation is accredited for the implementation of projects within the European Voluntary Service, having the possibility of managing them as a hosting/sending and coordination organization.


The accreditation number for S.E.V is 2013-RO-87

Support & Assistance service for child abandonment prevention

The Consulting Office offers the following types of services:

psychological, linguistic and communicative, sociological, social assistance, family planning and contraceptive education, with the aim of preventing the abandonment and institutionalization of newborns at the Brasov Obstetrics and Gynecology Hospital (Maternity Hospital).


The project guarantees the prevention of child abandonment in the Brasov maternity hospital, offering social services to mothers who risk abandoning their children.

Brasov City, Brasov County, Romania

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