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"Inima pentru Inima" Foundation


Volunteering is the activity carried out on one's own initiative, through which an individual offers his time, knowledge, talents, abilities and energy in support of others, but without receiving financial compensation.


The Volunteer is a mobilizer, a person who mobilizes, who moves things:

  • Bring people together

  • Build trust

  • Encourage participation

  • Facilitates discussion and decision making

  • It helps make everything go smoothly.

  • Facilitates the process of community mobilization


To be a Volunteer means to use your time and knowledge to help others and through that to develop yourself, to make friends, to learn to give. By getting involved as a volunteer you have the opportunity to put your ideas into practice and bring the change you want around you. Volunteering can take you 2-3 hours a day, depending on the project you choose to get involved in and your time.


Even if you do volunteer work, you must not lack seriousness, motivation, involvement and dedication. Once involved in a volunteer project you will have certain tasks that you will need to complete within the allotted time. You will report on your work. The tasks you will have will be performed both as a team and individually, will be tasks that involve direct work with beneficiaries, or other administrative tasks, these being very varied from creative activities to activities that require good knowledge in a particular domain. As a volunteer, you will receive training at the beginning of each project and you will agree with the organization on what activities you will be involved in and for what period. Your work will be recognized, appreciated and you will receive feedback for what you do.  


Examples of activities you can do:

  • Recreational and socio-educational activities;

  • Socializing activities;

  • Promotional activities within the campaigns organized by the foundation;

  • Educational campaigns;

  • Organization of events for children and young people;

  • Administrative activities.


As a volunteer you will have all the rights stipulated in the volunteer contract, namely:

a) The right to be treated as a colleague with equal rights;

b) The right to be respected as a person, regardless of race, ethnicity, sex or sexual orientation, political or religious beliefs, physical / mental ability, level of education, civil status condition, economic situation or any other such criteria;

c) The right to actively participate in the elaboration and development of the programs carried out by organization according to the concluded contract;

d) The right to express dissatisfaction;

e) The right to carry out activities in accordance with professional training, personal preferences to the extent of the organization's availability;

f) The right to have access to all information necessary for a proper activity development within the organization;

g) The right to participate at training sessions in the field in which you are carry out the activity;

h) The right to supervision / guidance; 

i) The right to be provided with a place to work, access to equipment and the consumables necessary to carry out the activity;

j) The right to be provided by the beneficiary of the volunteering with labor protection equipment, depending on the nature and characteristics of the activity you carry out;

k) The right to a duration of working time mutually agreed, which shall not affect your health and psychophysical resources;

l) The right to have from the organization a nominal certificate attesting you as Volunteer;

m) The right to be promoted in accordance with the obtained results;

n) The right to be rewarded for the activity carried out other than financial / material;

o) the right to receive feedback on the activity you carried out.




Volunteer info resources:


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