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Our Story 

"Inima pentru Inima" (Heart for Heart) Foundation was established on  July 23, 1997, by civil sentence no. 1432 of the Valcea Court.

The Foundation statutory objectives are to promote children's rights and monitor how they are respected, to integrate the child into foster families, including through internal or international adoption, to restructure the social services system for people in difficult situations, to improve the institutionalized child's living conditions, also through collaboration with public authorities.

In all our projects we promoted the child's fundamental right to grow up into a family, original family of adoptive one, being aware that only parental affection can provide to the child the foundation for a harmonious development. One of our first projects had as its main objective the reintegration of children from foster care into families; pilot project developed since 1999, the first network of family-type homes in Romania who brought back over 150 children from the protection system, back together with their parents, siblings, grandparents.

Through the efforts of our Project team, these children regained the right to grow up in their own families and to be an integral part of the original communities. Within the Project, 3 houses were built in the counties of Vâlcea, Tulcea and Brăila, which housed 30 children annually. The “Family Home Network” was the first reference Project of "Inima pentru Inima" (Heart for Heart) Foundation, which later became a resource for the projects that followed.

Another innovative project, developed with the Association "Children in Romania" is the Center for Socialization and Socio-Professional Reintegration "Râmnicu Vâlcea" for young people in placement centers, reached 18 years, since 2002 offered young people leaving the protection system where they learn, develop and experience skills for independent living and receive support for finding a job after graduation

The target group with which our organization generally works are children and young people in difficulty or in situations of social risk. Of course, activities are also developed for indirect beneficiaries, respectively the families of children and young people, the local communities from which they come. At certain times, however, we also developed projects in favor of adults with disabilities. We have also been involved in the fields of analysis and research of the social economy and the development of social services.

To go through the activities of the organization in detail, please download the materials below:​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

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