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Inter Campus


The game has become an instrument of intellectual education, morality, character formation. He educates the spirit of observation and the ability to make quick decisions, cleverness, independence, combativeness, the spirit of justice, the team spirit. It contributes to the formation of the main socially integrated personality and behavioral traits.

The project is mainly addressed to children aged between 6 and 14, coming from placement centers but also from the community and whose common concern is football.

The program is based on the agreement between the "Heart for the Heart" Foundation and Inter Futura SRL, a company controlled by FC Internazionale Milano - Italy.

The Inter Campus project, as it is known all over the world, has as its main objective the social promotion through sports.

The sports educators who participate in the project organize the sports and educational activity, for children from the placement centers and from the local community. The activities of the program aim at enriching the areas of personality development, in a motivated context, in which the "magic" of the game, as action - relationship - identification, stimulates the potential of each child, the sports activity being a manifestation of skill  self, a competition with others and with oneself.

The project takes place in Tulcea, Brasov, Vâlcea counties, the sports educators carrying out weekly sports activities both with children from the placement centers and with those from the community.

Partners / financiers  : Inter Futura SRL - the company that manages FC Internazionale Milano, the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Valcea, the General Directorate of Social Assistance and Child Protection Brasov, Măcin City Hall, Tulcea County.

Impact of the program on the target group  :

  • involvement in activities that lead to the use of newly discovered skills;

  • increasing the number of children's friends;

  • higher number of social contacts for the institutionalized child;

  • promoting a non-discriminatory attitude towards the institutionalized child;

Sports activities organized within the project:

organizing teams according to the age of the target group (6-12 / 14 years)

  • biweekly workouts;

  • organization of tournaments, championships;

  • participation in national and international tournaments;

The "Inter Campus" project is a social project and does not aim at the performance and recruitment of new talents, but at directing as many children as possible to sports, as a way of expressing a well-structured personality.

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