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The program aims primarily to socialize children with protection measures through various activities for leisure during school holidays, but also the exchange of experience in the field of child protection in difficulty. The activities are initiated by the members of the Romanian volunteer groups and  Italians (come through the Association of Children in Romania from Italy), about 200 every year.


The program helps both  the integration of the child under a measure of protection within the community, but also in the formation of a harmonious personality and in the discovery of human value. The implementation of the project involves collaboration with specialized public services for child protection that aim primarily to socialize the institutionalized child through various activities for leisure (sports, play-motor, simple games, celebrating the days  of birth).


Every year, starting in 2000, two-week volunteer camps are organized for placement volunteers in the placement centers, lasting two weeks. Volunteers organize social activities through social animation, for children in the protection system. Since 2011, with volunteers  Italian volunteers also participate, Romanian volunteers, young people between 15 and 25 years old. The volunteer camps last for two weeks and are organized within the placement centers in Valcea, Sibiu, Brasov, Constanta, Tulcea.


During the year, especially during the holiday season or with significance for children, the volunteers of the Heart for Heart Foundation participate in organizing events to promote and / or raise funds for children.



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