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NEETs Project Target Group


Human Capital Operational Program 2014-2020

Priority axis 1 – "Jobs for young people" initiative

Thematic objective 8: Promoting sustainable and quality employment and supporting labor mobility

Investment priority 8.ii: Sustainable integration into the labor market of young people (ILMT), especially those without a job, education or training, including young people at risk of social exclusion and young people from marginalized communities, including by implementing the "youth guarantee"

Project title: Real opportunities for young NEETs

Contract: POCU/991/1/3/154119




The target group of the project will be formed by 371 people belonging to the category of young unemployed NEETs aged between 16-29 years old, who have domicile or residence in the counties of Valcea, Olt, Gorj, in rural or urban areas, registered and profiled in advance by to SPO Valcea, Olt or Gorj and fall into one of the employability categories A, B, C and D.

From the total of 371 unemployed young NEETs who will be enrolled in the Target Group for participation in the project activities, at least 75 young people will have their domicile / residence in rural areas in the counties of Valcea, Olt or Gorj and at least 38 people will be of Roma ethnicity from the same counties.

From the point of view of the degree of employability, the structure of the Target Group will be divided between the 4 categories, of which 30% of young NEETs will have employability levels C and D, respectively "difficult to employ" and "very difficult to employ".

The people selected in the target group of the project will have the obligation to participate in the activities carried out within the project.





Circeahg Iulia Andrea

NEETs information and communication expert


July / 2022

"Heart for Heart" Foundation

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