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Socialization and Socio-Professional Reintegration Center     Copacelu - Rm.Valcea   "Greenhouse Cottage"

It became operational in October 2006. Establishment and development  The project of the Copacelu Socialization Center is the result of the partnership between Traistari Parish, Rotary-Cozia Club, Ramnicu Valcea, Heart for Heart Foundation and the “Children in Romania” Association, Italy.


The target group consists of children aged 5-14 years. The Copacelu Socialization Center has a capacity of 10 seats. The project promotes the right to a differentiated education, creating the technical-logistical framework  for the education of children.


The destination of the project is to help children with special potential from disadvantaged backgrounds to achieve professionally and to emancipate themselves socially.


The strength of the example can allow the extension of the project later and for the integration of groups of children without special skills coming from disadvantaged backgrounds, in social and economic life.

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