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Ivan’s Experience

My experience like an EVS in Romania was amazing, one of the most beautiful experiences in my life. In this period I rediscover myself, I grow up too much like I never imagine.

To work with Inima pentru Inima was a really good choice, they support me in a lot of things overall the president that she was there in every moment that I need her. They give me the opportunity to develop my profession, being a teacher assistant of sport in the School N°4 beside working there doing workshops. Also, inimă pentru inimă is collaborating with Inter Campus Romania that is a foundation of Inter de Milan and they give me the opportunity to collaborate with them 🙂 this is one of the things that I’m really grateful.

About Râmnicu Vâlcea, okay it’s not the best city in the world but it’s beautiful and nice, it has a lot of nature and the best thing for me is that there are more Foundations working with Evs. I met a lot of them, we created different meeting and activities, we didn’t be bored. Also, we support between us, about different problems, information, we had similar motivation to explore Romania and Europe. In this period I met amazing people I had a great connection with a lot of them, of course not with everyone we are from different countries and we have different cultures.

About our work, for me to stay in the houses with our children was a dream to come true. In the beginning was a little bit difficult because there were situations that I never had before but like everything, I learn about it. There you can feel how much love they need but overall all the love that they give you. It was amazing to make the activities there, all the things that I learned, how they develop themselves how they grow up and how you grow up with them. They teach you things that being in an office never teach you.

I want to thank specially to Davide. He was my roommate during most of the time in this project. To say that I consider him like the big brother that I never had. Without him, this project could have been totally different. Thank you for supporting me in my blue days and teaching me a lot about life.

I desire all the best to IPI, to the children and all the worker there.

With all my heart



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