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23.07.2019 - Happy birthday, "Heart for Heart" Foundation!

How was the Foundation born?

The Heart for Heart Foundation, from the very beginning, was made up mostly of young people, always attentive to the diversity of social and human problems of society, with an extraordinary desire to understand and a great willingness to help.

Seeing with my own eyes the conditions of children abandoned in the centers, experiencing with every fiber the suffering and despair of families in the face of poverty and helplessness, we all came to the conclusion that sadness, depression and indignation would not have solved much, and then we decided that we must exist. Face to face with pain, poverty, ignorance, this is how the spark of the desire to exist, to give, to help ignited.

This was...The beginning.

Building communities for children and young people: (Dwarf Cottage Ocnele Mari in 2000), where you have the feeling that you are making peace with the whole Universe, Raffaella Cottage Goranu in 2001 - where young people learn what hope is, social apartments in 2002 - with the joy experienced upon receiving the first salary by those for whom, a short time ago, the future was confused and uncertain, Elena Cottage Macin in 2003, "Life is beautiful" - Brăila in 2004, Greenhouse Cottage Copacelu in 2006, Petria day center, was only part of the lived experience.

Beyond these we learned how we can start helping others. Listening and trying to understand, we learned from each person, from each moment lived.

But above all we tried to find the HEART in everyone else around us, the energy to change what you don't like, without fear of calling things out, even if they were unpleasant or...inconvenient.

I learned that being on the side of the disadvantaged, alongside those living in misery, where justice is totally lacking, it is the best thing we can do.

That our entire activity must be carried out under the sign of SOLIDARITY, both for the abandoned child who needs love, and for the lonely old man who wants to be listened to or for the marginalized young man who wants to lead an honest life.

We learned to do...politics. Real politics. Not that of the parties, but that which should guarantee the rights of every child, woman, man who live on this earth, to an existence full of happiness.

But we also know that we cannot solve all problems. That beyond ... the heart, skills and professionalism are needed, without which the help given would not be effective and not entirely useful.

Where are we heading?

After 15 years of social work on the outskirts of society, I understood that we all have goals in life, we want to be, to have, to reach, to achieve. For some these remain only dreams and for others they become achievements.

However, I believe that the difference lies in the formulation of the goal. It is an imaginary goal or one formulated in writing, like a well-drawn map with a well-defined destination.

That in order to achieve the goals, it is necessary to develop confidence and self-esteem, to overcome obstacles, to accept challenges.

In 22 years I understood that promoting well-being means improving the quality of life, a life without positive reference points, without the opportunity to talk, sit and do, together with others.

That we must first of all understand what a person needs and where he is

in those conditions that put it in difficulty. That only by knowing the causes, you can offer the right help. Then let's build our concrete tools for help, supporting education, propagating culture and solidarity.

On this occasion, I also want to thank all those who actively participated in the realization of this project and especially those who, forgetting the 8-hour work schedule, family, were with all the obstacles, pains, the joys, sufferings and worries of those who formed the "big family" of the "INIMĂ PENTUR INIMĂ" Foundation.




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