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"Inima pentru Inima" Foundation, 22 years of love!

The Anniversary of the "Inima pentru Inima" Foundation is celebrated every year on July 23th. This day is an occasion of joy for the children in the organization's houses in Râmnicu Vâlcea, Ocnele Mari and Măcin (Tulcea), for the workers who assist, educate, advise and offer love to all the beneficiaries, for the former beneficiaries who return with nostalgia and gratitude in the bosom of the organization's family.

This time, the day of the "Inima pentru inima" Foundation was celebrated in a unique way, in a surprise location: Bucharest, the capital of Romania. The children had a trip, during which fun and good will were present whole time. Herăstrău Park and the boat ride on the lake were highly appreciated.

Happy birthday, "Inima pentru Inima" Foundation!


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