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Don Gino is ....LOVE!

Don Gino...the man who made me feel my true worth!

The man who gives me wings, every time we talk, the man who makes me understand that our work is not a work of Sisyphus... that in life it is worth fighting for LOVE!

Unconditional love, without expectations, love just to love.

The love that makes you better, more patient, understanding, the love that brings a smile (even for the moment!), fills your soul with a drop of happiness!

The love that gives you life, a life that you feel you live through the joy given every day to those around us!

The love that brings forgiveness...the love that changes and removes barriers and heavy thoughts! Don Gino is...LOVE!

We...learn through what we do, to be love!

President of the Heart for the Heart Foundation

Lidia Dobre

Don Gino Rigoldi is the President of the BIR ONLUS Association, historical partner of the Heart for the Heart Foundation, Italian priest and educator, known as the chaplain of the Beccaria juvenile prison, where he promoted a model of social integration of young delinquents. Founder and president of the Communita Nuova Association, one of the most important non-governmental organizations in the northern area of Italy. Honorary President of the Don Gino Rigoldi Foundation


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