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Conference and expressive laboratory of relationship and communication with BIODANZA


organizes Saturday, March 30, 2019, 1:30 p.m

Dance Class



The courses held by teacher SONIA STELLA - ITALIA will take place in the hall on the 1st floor, Antim Ivireanul Rm. Vâlcea County Library, Romania

The origin of Biodanza ®

Biodanza® was born in the clinical field in 1960, from the research of its creator, Rolando Toro Araneda, a Chilean psychologist and anthropologist who worked in the Psychiatric Hospital of the Catholic University of Santiago de Chile. Rolando realized that through music and group movement proposals they stimulated the psycho-motor potential of each person and strengthened healthy emotions and their expression, thus facilitating relationships with others. Then, from the clinician, it found applications in all types of people, from children to the elderly with all kinds of psychomotor skills, and spread throughout the world.

He lived in Argentina, Brazil, Italy and returned to Chile in 1998, where he coordinates everything

Biologization activities.

The term "Biodanza" derives from the synthesis of two words: the Greek root bios means life and the word dance, a word of French origin which, in its primary meaning, takes on the meaning of an integrated movement rich in meaning, a natural movement related to "emotion. Thus, Biodanza is the "dance of life".

According to Rolando Toro "Dance, like singing and shouting, is one of the innate conditions of the human being. The first knowledge of the world, before the word, and the one that happens to each of us through movement. In an original sense, dance it rises from the depths of the human being, it is a movement of life and an impulse of union with the species".

Biodanza is based on dance understood as an integrated and integrated natural movement, as a free expression of the person and not as a structured aesthetic dance, in fact, to practice it is not necessary to know how to dance and it is accessible to everyone.

The fundamental tools of Biodanza are: the force that induces music, the pleasure of the natural movement of the body, the emotion of a sensitive encounter with oneself and with others.

The main objectives of Biodanza are: self-integration (psychophysical mind-body unity),

integration with the same things and integration with the universe understood as recognizing itself as part of a larger whole, the cosmos.

1 The integration itself develops primarily as a motor integration of different parts of the body: the right and left sides, the upper and lower limbs, the shoulder arm and the pelvic girdle, etc. You must feel whole, feel the body as an integrated harmonious unit. Affective motor interaction is the integration of emotions and movement gestures, the ability to express what we feel, for example the ability to express the pleasure of meeting a person or finding our family in the evening is the ability to move and express and emotion is the ability to feel discomfort and express it without suffering.

2 Integration with the similar is understood as empathy, as the ability to empathize with the other, to be sensitive to the communicative signals of the other and to be able to convey clear and clear, clear messages that are not manipulative. the value of the other, the renunciation of competitiveness and envy, the fear of diversity.

3 Integration into the universe is understood as the recovery of a sensitive relationship with nature, as respect for all living forms, is to feel that we are all part of a totality. Explore the deep significance and meaning of life (the biocentric principle) by proposing a culture of life, a worldview and existence based on the perception of life as a supreme experience and a perception of the universe as a living system: the universe exists because there is existence. The foundations for Biodanza are the universal laws that keep systems alive and make their evolution possible.

Biodanza stimulates the expression of our resources in an integrated, harmonious and progressive manner, activates a transformation process that enhances the healthy, beautiful and positive side of each individual by harmonizing and integrating the various affective, motor, physiological and relational components.

In this way, Biodanza promotes well-being and health, pleasure and joy of life, the ability to communicate with others, reduces the negative effects of stress, increases vital energy, strengthens self-confidence and trust in others, promotes the expression of creativity, improves the quality of life.

Biodanza methodology® Music, Movement, Emotions, Vivençia Sistemul Biodanza® funcționează și își atinge obiectivele de a reda potențialul uman, deoarece utilizează simultan și activează o serie de factori care sunt profund benefic pentru a crește plăcerea vieții și a sănătății existențiale:

Muzică Fiecare exercițiu Biodanza® este însoțit de o muzică specifică care facilitează exprimarea de sine și stimulează profund emotiile și emoțiile.

Metodologia Biodanza®

Muzică, Mișcare, Emoții, Vivençia

Sistemul Biodanza® funcționează și își atinge obiectivele de a reda potențialul uman, deoarece utilizează simultan și activează o serie de factori care sunt profund benefic pentru a crește plăcerea vieții și a sănătății existențiale:


Fiecare exercițiu Biodanza® este însoțit de muzică specifică care facilitează exprimarea de sine și stimulează profund emoțiile și sensibilitatea existențială.


Mișcarea în Biodanza® este redescoperirea gesturilor noastre pline de noi, de semnificațiile noastre, de semnificația și expresia noastră.


În practica lui Biodanza®, toate emoțiile care creează în mod spontan condiții de plăcere și de sănătate sunt profund stimulate: bucurie, bucurie, curaj, tandrețe, pasiune, încredere în sine.

La vivençia

Este experiența globală care trăiește practicând fiecare exercițiu. Momentul prezent al vieții aici și acum a trăit cu mare intensitate, cu implicarea simultană a senzațiilor corporale, instinctive și emoționale. A Biodanza session lasts about two hours, is not tiring and is addressed equally to men and women. The first part of the session stimulates people's adrenergic functions, activating the body to action, while the second part leads to the development of cholinergic skills that promote relaxation, sensitivity and encounter. Exercises are individual, pair and whole group and are accompanied by music and precise existential explanations that clarify deep purposes and meanings. Sometimes the exercises are for body integration, others for deep awareness, still others for the expression and development of genetic potentials. The purpose of the Biodanza product ®: Develop human and existential potential

All Biodanza® exercises have been designed to stimulate and develop every aspect of potential that contributes to the creation of human identity. What are these potentials?

• Vitality potential - is the feeling of vital energy, dynamism, motivation to live and vital impulse. It also includes the fundamental function of organic self-regulation.

• Creativity potential - It is the capacity for verbal and non-verbal expression. It is the ability to explore the world with confidence, to choose and to innovate. Function enables us to renew and regenerate our lives.

• The potential of affectivity - is the ability to feel love, solidarity, generosity, the feeling of belonging and brotherhood. It is the ability to create union, connection, connection and relationship with life. For Rolando Toro, the creator of Biodanza®, affectivity represents the "intelligence of the species".

• The potential of sexuality - the field of sexuality in Biodanza® refers to reconciliation with pleasure. The pleasure of feeling yourself, living in your body, discovering and rediscovering intimacy, abandonment, contact, sensuality.

• The potential for transcendence - It is a human function related to all inner sensations of fullness, expansion, perception and intimate communion with all manifestations of life. It is the ability to feel part of Humanity, Nature and the Universe.

The "Biodanza" laboratory was led by Mrs. Sonia Stella since 2000.

- Vice-President of the Association for Social Promotion (

- For twenty years, I have dealt with groups of adults with Biodanza, for greater personal integration, creating together with people the possibility of feeling their own body and finding that harmony that allows us to live well in the life of day by day.

- Specialized in contact Education - Children and adolescents - The word in Biodanza - Identity, self-esteem and self-image - Vocal music and percussion - Biodanza and clay - Clinical Biodanza with Prof. Rolando Toro, in 2008, in Milan - lecturer and collaborator of the Biodanza school in Bologna - collaborates with the Biodanza training schools in Triveneto and Vicenza Founder and vice-president of the Cultural and Sports Association "Il Suono del Tempo" since 2000. For 18 years, I have followed Biodanza projects in public and private schools, meetings with children, teachers and parents, in hospitals they follow groups with mental and physical discomfort.

- Creator of the Spazio Creo Giovani project since 2008, a space reserved for children between the ages of 14 and 25 to prevent juvenile suffering. Creator of the Active Youth Forum with Biodanza groups, which begins and deepens in the province of Vicenza.

- Since 2015 I have been working on a project with Biodanza in Romania, for the Inima Pentru inima Foundation, offering Biodanza courses for staff with educators and psychologists.


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