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Adeline’s Memories #5


This is the end of the trip with my friend. I was always impressed by the beautiful landscapes of Romania !


After Brasov we continued with my friend to Bran and of course we visited the castle. I was surprised that this castle was so little but it is on the very edge of a terrific precipice, it’s very impressive.

Then we went to Sibiu and we were just on time for the Street Food Festival in the center. The concert was very fun.

After a very long trip by car we finally arrived in the National Park of Apuseni to visit the ice cave of Scarisoara. It’s only 5 degrees there in summer. So we could see the snow in June 🙂


Then we went to Alba Iulia and we saw this beautiful citadel ! The owner of the room that we rent spoke French. He explained to us that Romanian people didn’t know before (few years ago) what was inside this citadel. They just thought it was a place for the army. This citadel has the form of a crown. It’s a very beautiful place especially in the night.

We went to Constanta and Mamaia to see the Black Sea and the old casino. After this last place my friend returned to France with memories and me too !

I started a garden project in Copacelu with the help of one friend Maxime, an EVS volunteer from another project in the association : “Living in the Green”. For 2 days we planted vegetables : tomatoes, beans and cucumbers.


Then with Taniyana I joined her for the English classes in the houses of the foundation.

In the end of this month I felt sad and tired. I missed my country a lot and I decided to take my flight tickets and to come back in France for 2 weeks until the beginning of July. I could see my family and my friends ! I was so happy and I enjoyed a lot !


It’s the end of 5 months in Romania. Sometimes it’s very difficult to stay far away from my country but travelling in June helped me a lot to stay positive.


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