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Hello, Children :)

Our amazing first day with all the children from the two social apartments and the two family houses was more than fabulous. So much fun, laughter, joy, love and happiness were experience by all of us thanks to these lovely little angels. Hugs, dances and games were our main activities.


It was a very welcoming and warm experience. Children gave us lots of affection and proximity from the first moment they saw us, which surprised me but at the same time made me feel very good and peaceful.” ~ Adeline from France


It was very funny and interesting. Playing football and basketball with the kids made me so happy to see how children’s faces were completely changing from when they were just sitting and a chair shying away from us to openly laughing and enjoy the game with us. Later, pulling us around, hugging us and having so much fun with us would be the greatest memory of this day.” ~ Ivàn from Spain


It was such a warm, wonderful and touching experience. Seeing those beautiful children, connecting to their souls, purely enjoying games together, hugging them, receiving and giving so much love in one day causes change in your heart and mind forever.” ~ Taniyana from Bulgaria


It was very nice. Children seemed very happy to see us, meet new people and play with us. There were a lot of positive vibration around everybody.” ~ Davide from Italy


We ended the day with Grand Finale by visiting the very unique and astonishing Sensory Room. Inside we felt like little kids in Wonderland. We were playing and exploring in awe the modern technology that is helping children develop there cognitive abilities and sensorial perception.

This day would always stay special for us meeting the children in Râmnicu Vâlcea for the first time, getting to know them better and with this getting to know ourselves better.



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