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Adeline’s Memories #7

EVS experience by doing activities, travelling and meeting new people


I joined Taniyana and Davide for a creative workshop with T-shirts. Every child took part in this activity with creativity, patience and joy ! On a T-shirt they needed to put their names and the print of their hand with a special paint for clothes. The result was so amazing 🙂

Then my father, my stepmother and my little sister came to Romania to visit me. It was their first time going abroad and taking a plane. My uncle who is Romanian was here too and he guided us to visit different places in his country. He was a really good guide. Because he is Romanian he showed us places that even me I had not visited yet.

So we started in Pitesti, the hometown of my uncle, then we visited Slanic : The Salina and the Complex Baia Baciului. In that place we put the famous mud on our bodies.

We wanted to visit one castle so we went to the Peles castle in Sinaia. It’s totally different from all the castle that I have visited before !


We went to Bucharest to visit the Palace of Parliament. We saw the oldest church in Romania and we went to a park where my uncle enjoyed in his youth 🙂

Then we moved to Brasov. This city is my favourite in Romania. I feel so good there, this city is beautiful and full of history ! I met 4 people who represented different important personalities from the past.

After, and I think it was my favourite part of this trip with my family, we went to Pestera in the moutains. It was such an amazing place, the view was beautiful <3. We took our breakfast with a view that I will never forget !!!

In the end of this trip I planned to stay 2 days in the Danube Delta. So we took the boat for 4 hours to go to Sfantu Gheorghe in the last part of the Delta near the Black Sea.


It was difficult to visit all Romania but my family really liked all the places we’ve visited.Now they want to visit other countries from Europe !

In this seventh month I met other volunteers who came in Romania for an EVS project. In this volunteering experience you are always meeting news people from diffrent countries and difference experiences. It’s so great to meet them and so enriching !!